You might have heard of people who believe that a cluttered workstation is organized chaos and they have a system that works for them. Organization experts and even wellness professionals tend to disagree with this theory. They think that even though a messy workspace may have a method to madness, it can quickly escalate into a full-scale bedlam where more time will be spent on where everything is rather than being productive.

That being said, the number of people who like a messy office is fewer and far between than the number of people who prefer an organized work area where they can focus on important stuff. But like any high-traffic or busy space, your office tends to get cluttered and untidy. The busier you are the messier your office is likely to become. However, if you want to look at effective methods to maintain order in your place of business, we can let you in on a few secrets that our commercial cleaning experts in New Orleans swear by.

1- Start With a Clean Slate

Okay, this might be a bit radical for an entire office to do but this is a good way to start. You should remove everything from your desk. This can be a team activity or you can do this just for yourself and remove everything from your desktop, drawer, and shelves. Put them in neat piles on the floor. Wipe the desk and clean your drawers, cables, and other gadgets, equipment, or other stuff you may have. Spritz disinfectant for an even cleaner and germ-free space.

2- Evaluate Your Belongings Based on Their Purpose

Once you have everything in piles and your sight, you need to start sorting them. You will be amazed by the amount of garbage and unnecessary items you have collected over the years. Just discard things that serve no practical or sentimental purpose. Be mindful when you are doing this. You might want to give a few things another chance but then it defeats the purpose of the exercise. Think about when your things were last used, if you haven’t used them in six months or a year and you are confident that you might not even need them at a later date, then you should get rid of them. Categorize things that can recycled so you can deal with them accordingly. Then comes the things that you need or those that make you happy, so you decide where to put them in a way that will be most organized.

3- Reset Your Desk in a More Functional Order

It is the only practical approach to arranging a desk. Sort things by the frequency of their use. Like your computer, water bottle, design tablet, pen, paper, and tissue box should be close at hand, because these are usually the most used objects on the desk. The files you need to review now and then should be placed in file holders or lower drawers. Your stationery items and personal care items should be in the top drawer – where they can be easily accessed. By arranging your desk from most used to least used, you can achieve a good work environment where everything has a proper place – where things should be returned to after use.

4- Keep Your Cables in Order

Handling cables can be tough in any office. There are lots of cords, like phone chargers and HDMI cables. Keeping them neat and in order may feel like an overwhelming task. They can spread all over or hide under your desk. Ignoring them might seem okay, but when electronics act up, it’s a problem.

Experts suggest using a Dymo Labeling system. Label each cable when you set it up. You can also use a Cablox system to organize and keep them neat. If you want to be creative and save money, you can use things like film containers or shoeboxes for labeling.

5- Adopt Digital Storage Solutions

A lot of clutter is paper, like notes or business cards. Most of these are hardly used but take up space. You can scan them or type them out to have digital copies and save space. It is also a more environment-friendly way of handling things by minimizing paper use. These days there are apps on your phone for scanning and storing documents. Using digital note apps like Evernote or Google Keeps helps you keep everything organized and easy to find with just a few taps. Numerous smartphone apps facilitate quick scanning and storage of documents, ensuring important information is readily accessible.

6- Seek a Fresh Pair of Eyes

Have you ever noticed a mess in someone else’s office that they don’t seem aware of? Your office probably has its own hidden mess. Visitors see things differently and might spot clutter you miss. Take a photo of your office from the door to see it from their view. You might find surprises and realize there’s clutter you haven’t noticed before. You can deal with it and make your workplace more appealing to customers, visitors, or other potential clients.

The Key To Having A Clean Office At All Times

To keep your workspace clean, you need regular cleaning habits that can be developed if you are committed to achieving an optimal work environment. Decide what to do with new things right away: keep, throw, or move to someplace else. Keeping things from getting cluttered is easily the best way to keep your office clean.

At Dust-N-Shine, our commercial cleaning in New Orleans, LA, focuses on giving businesses great facilities. We’re always looking for new ways to help you work better. Check out our blog for tips every week.

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