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Working throughout the City of New Orleans Louisiana, we are committed to providing our cleaning services throughout the city and beyond

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Being residents of New Orleans, we’ve enjoyed all that the city itself has had to offer. The City has always been vibrant, with its music-based cultural heritage & the very popular nightlife. Louis Cathedral to name a few of the attractions that it has to offer. With such a rich vibrant culture and community along with great hospitality, we’re proud to call New Orleans our home and are eager for you to see it the same way. While you explore all that it has to offer, we’ll take care of the cleaning and the housekeeping so you don’t waste your weekends away with a mop and a vacuum cleaner.

We’ve been active and serving our customers since 1998, throughout New Orleans Louisiana and we intend to continue making sure that cleaning their home isn’t something they don’t have to deal with every single day. We love our City, and serving It’s community with passion and drive is something we’re extremely proud of and intend to continue.

Our House Cleaning Service in New Orleans covers everything ranging from Bathroom to Apartment cleaning with you being able to avail our services on a weekly, bi-weekly or one time basis.

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Providing reliable House Cleaning Services to families all across New Orleans is a personal as well as professional satisfaction for us. We'd actually want you to experience thrills like the Madi Gras without having to worry about your home being clean when you return back (tired probably). New Orleans itself is a big place, with a rich history and different buildings ranging from apartments to homes. Its' important to realize which crew can handle any job throughout the New Orleans, LA area and we feel that Dust-N-Shine being a family oriented business are more than capable of handling all types of house cleaning projects that we may encounter.

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