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Moving In or Moving Out was Never this Easy!

It is an overwhelming and awesome feeling when you own your home. You’re excited to look forward to a new home, new life-new beginnings. But when you’ll make a list of things that needs to be done, you’ll think twice. The fantasy of moving into a new home will haunt you instantly when you know you have to do whole-house cleaning, organizing, packing, and decluttering by yourself.

Moving in or moving out may appear exciting at first but once you’ll look into details you realize this is so stressful. That is why Dust-N-Shine offers Move-in and Move-out cleaning services to those who want to start a new life in their new home. Our move-in cleaning service includes all the necessary cleaning and arranging needed in preparation for new house owners. Out move out cleaning service includes all the cleaning to prepare the house for new renters.

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Why You Should Hire Dust-N-Shine

With all the other commitments from work to family, friends, and events, Moving-in and moving out cleaning is exhausting. What you’re worried for? When you can hit upon us. Dust-N-shine will take care of all the move-in and move-out cleaning. We guarantee you that you will get a whole house cleaning service that will be of high-quality and deep cleaning from top to bottom for your previous and current home.

Best Move-in & Move-out cleaning services near you

If you are living in and around  Belle Chasse and need cleaning services. Dust-N-Shine is always here to help. We do not only focus on vacuuming and dusting but we get deep into the corners to clean all the dirt and dust. We’ll clean the walls, floor, clean inside of your stoves and we’ll also clean your fridge and rid it of those old food smells. ! Our experts will thoroughly clean your new house and will prepare it for you and your family Leave the cleaning work on our team and focus on everything that comes along with moving.

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Two Decades of Reliable Experience

Dust-N-Shine is proud to handle both moving in and moving out projects in new Orleans for the best part of two decades. With our experienced cleaning crew and up-to-date equipment we tend to make your move out or in smoother, easier, and less frantic at affordable prices. You can relax knowing you're in safe hands with us.

We also provide our customers with a checklist that we've designed ourselves throughout the moving in and moving out process, which helps them keep a track of all the tasks that have been assigned to us when we're cleaning up your new home.

Dust-N-shine’s skilled and experienced professionals will leave no corner of your apartment and home untouched. We will make your home look better with our advanced cleaning techniques and processes when you moved in or moved out.

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