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Mopping your Place Clean

Think of the floors of your home or apartment, you want floors to be clean. Because if your home floor is dirty it will make you feel like your entire home is dirty. Right? Now think of the opposite situation. When all your apartment or home floor surfaces are clean, you feel like your entire home is clean. In short, you simply feel better. People say that a cleaner place is a safer place.

Clean floors are a huge deal. Dust-N-Shine offers a comprehensive floor cleaning service. Our team is highly skilled to perform professional floor cleaning tasks. We are specialized in proper chemical usage and Floor cleaning (Mopping & sweeping). We pay close attention to corners and hard to reach areas. We will keep your floors clean and will provide a safe and pleasant environment for all who enter.

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No Stress, We’ll Clean your Mess

Your Apartment or home’s floor will glow when Dust-N-Shine is done with your floors. Our talented team members can create a perfect flawless floor. If you want your floor to look beautiful and bright our mopping services can do the trick.

With 20 years of experience, Dust-N-Sine’s home cleaning services have become more famous areas in and around Belle Chasse, Gretna, Harvey, Marrero, Westwego, Bridge City, Elmwood , River Ridge, New Orleans, and Algiers. Our customers are happy with our professional mopping and house cleaning services.

Dust-N-Shine offers services that are effective, trustworthy, and free of hazardous toxins. Dust-N-Shine is a family-owned business with an outstanding reputation. So when you need professional mopping services. Dust-N-Shine is indeed the best solution.

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One Mop Cleans All!

Why you need Mopping?
Dirty floors make a bad impression. They are not welcoming and they will make your home look dark and dirty. No one wants to live in a home that looks neglected. Who wouldn’t want to have clean floors? We will leave your space clean, comfortable, and inviting, and all of these are better for your home or apartment.

Hate cleaning? We love it
Some people don’t like to clean the house by themselves. If this is the case. Dust-N-Shine offers hard floor cleaning for all surfaces like tile, wood, marble, and concrete, and we offer carpet cleaning as well. We can not only clean your wood floors but also can refinish them if we find small crashes and ruptures in the wood. Before these small splits turn into big problems we refinish them. Our refinishing technique is so effective that our clients usually end up not changing their wood floors.

Our team also has skills to protect other floor surfaces, too, and they all keep looking like new. The best part is that we will come in and clean your floors once a week or even twice a week. It all depends on you how many times you want your floors to get cleaned.
If you’re looking for a highly regarded cleaning company that can provide you with in-depth professional floor cleaning services, with best mopping techniques you can turn to Dust-N-shine we are a locally-owned business, well-known for our professional mopping give us a call today. We want you to be our next new happy client.

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