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Dust-N-Shine provides a plethora of cleaning services at affordable prices to help make your home look the part in New Orleans

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Cleaning your house can be a chore in itself. No one wants to grab their vacuum after a long day at work and start slaving away cleaning their apartment. With Dust-N-Shine, you don’t have to anymore as we’ll be taking care of the cleaning for you. Our House Cleaning Services in New Orleans are affordable, reliable, and available throughout Louisiana so as to provide our customers with ease of comfort while we get started in making their home look brand new.

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Need those pesky tiles and kitchen floors spotless for your guests? That's where we come in. At Dust-N-Shine we know exactly what it would take for us to mop up your tiles so clean that it becomes a mirror. Our mopping services extend to not just tiles and flooring but carpets as well. We'll get to work removing those ketchup stains from last night's dinner in absolutely not time.

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Stuck home cleaning your bathroom on a beautiful Saturday? If cleaning your home bathroom is one of your least favorite things in the world to do, Dust-N-Shine can ease the burden. Since bathroom cleaning and disinfecting can be a laborious job, our company is available to handle it for you. These services include thoroughly cleaning mirrors, brushes, the bathtub, windows along with every nook and cranny throughout the entire bathroom. The best part? You don't have to spend a fortune on them either.

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See here's the thing, cleaning your apartment is an entirely different animal than cleaning an entire house. There are always so many details we mistakenly overlook when we're cleaning and that becomes even more apparent with apartments. With our experienced cleaning professionals your apartments are sure to look stunning when we're done.

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Selling a home or moving is scientifically proven to be one of the most stressful events of ourselves, everyone can agree that the process is exhausting! Dust-N-Shine Cleaning Services can help with thus daunting experience by offering clients the ability to prepare a home for sale with Move Out Cleaning Service. We can also clean a home after a Move out or before a Move In. We go through the home and provide a very detailed house cleaning, we prepare it to sell or rent for top dollar, we offer clients the ability to select from our checklist the areas and task which they feel they require or they can let us assess the home and do what we see fit. We work hand in hand with the home owners to make sure that are 100% satisfied with the service.

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Picture this, you’ve just done with your Christmas celebrations and you’re looking forward to getting some rest and relaxation after a pretty busy few days. But you have a whole mess to get through before you can have some R&R, so let us help you with that. Our professional cleaners are available during the holiday season just for you, to help you enjoy your post Christmas time just as much

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